A New Year for the BGS Literary Events Team

Tuesday, 8 September, was the first meeting for the 2015 Literary Events Team. This year there are no less than seven members of the Activity – a huge increase from previous years. Everyone is excited to be starting a new year, and we have several new faces joining us. Hopefully we can all get to work adding to the Blog and helping events run as smoothly as they always do. There will be more charity work and a huge number of authors all in this one term.

Here are some of our hopes for this coming year:

“New this term, I am hoping this activity will help me gain connections with notable Literary persons.” – Megan

“I want to become more immersed in the Literary world and gain further experience in the publishing community” – Rob

“I hope that I’ll be exposed to more of the publishing world and that Literary Events can open doors for a future career” – Olivia

“I want to network with as many authors and get as many books as I can” – Katie

“I look forward to interacting more with the Literary world and developing skills that I can use later in life” – Elisabeth

“I’m excited to continue writing reviews for this Blog and read a wide range of books I wouldn’t usually encounter” – Isabella

We hope that you, too, are as excited as us as you peruse the fantastic line-up for this term – Gilly Macmillan, the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature, Lindsey Davis, Simon Barnes – and beyond!