BGS sponsoring Philip Reeve and Joe Abercrombie at Bath Festival

On 6 July tickets will go on sale for the 2015 Bath Festival of Children’s Literature.

This year’s BGS-sponsored event is a joint talk given by two leading authors of genre fiction, Philip Reeve and Joe Abercrombie. While Reeve amazes with steampunk and sci-fi, Abercrombie gives us gritty, grisly fantasy epics.

Reeve is a beloved author for children and teens who also works closely to produce illustrations for his own novels; I’m sure many remember being entranced by the Mortal Engines series at an early age. This year he is set to release Rail Head, a grand space opera rife with thieves, trains, virtual gods and life in the stars.

Abercrombie is in the middle of publishing his Shattered Sea trilogy aimed at teens, with the most recent release of Half the World, set in a fictitious Northern land so harsh even the Vikings it is inspired by might fear it. Older readers might recall The First Law series whose enigmatic characters and political intricacies know little parallel in the world of modern fantasy. This is a chance to hear a talk two great leaders of science fiction and fantasy, which any fan should be certain not to miss!


From July the 6th tickets can be bought from: