Bye-bye Year 6 Book Committee

Our fabulous Year 6 Book Committee has met every single week since September (without fail!) with their teacher Steve Marsh and Literary Events Organiser Lucy Shepherd to immerse themselves in all things book.

Voracious readers, they have previewed children’s books; given guidance on which year groups might best benefit from a particular visiting author; interviewed and had lunch with writers; written reviews of events; attended the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature to go ‘behind the scenes’ to the Green Room; made suggestions for future literary events; kept a folder up to date with all their activities;  contributed suggestions and provided pots of enthusiasm along the way! Phew!

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What, they were asked, have they enjoyed most about being on the Committee?

“Getting to ask the authors all the kinds of questions which I would never normally be able to do” Jasleen

“Being able to read books I would not necessarily choose to read as we are given all sorts of books I wouldn’t normally read” Kate

“I like being asked to give the age groups for which the author visit may be suitable by reading the book first and commenting in our meeting” Noah

“I love meeting new authors and having special lunches with them when we can talk in greater details about their books” Donya

“I like examining books in greater detail in our weekly meetings” Ben

“Having special opportunities open only to the Book Committee such as meeting authors, going to their talks and having photos taken with them” Katy

“I loved going to the Bath Festival of Children’s Literature and meeting David Almond. I also like trying new books and helping to decide which age group they might be suitable for” Dan

Thank you to Jasleen, Kate, Noah, Donya, Ben, Katy and Dan for contributing so much to our Book Committee meetings throughout the year!

We look forward to meeting the new committee, chosen from this year’s Year 5 classes, very soon!