Charlie Higson – Review (2013)

Having read the best-selling Enemy series I was expecting big things from this legendary writer. His books have been sold internationally and have terrified readers of all ages.

Charlie captivated the audience with stories of his entry into television and then into the writing world. He gave a glimpse into the mind of the master behind the gripping, blood-curdling sickness that has infected the grown-ups of London, forcing the children to band together to fight for survival. By relating many of his first thoughts and views, he managed to grab the audience and hold our attention, terrifying the adults in the room as well as the children.

The laughs were ever-present as he described his technique of using his own sons as ‘guinea pigs’ for the horror and gore of the book.

After the talk there was a Q&A session where he answered each question wittily, helping each asker to understand the world of Charlie Higson.

Overall it was a funny, friendly evening containing all the elements needed for a good literary event.


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