Double Hubble Trouble with Joe Berger & Tracey Corderoy!

Year 6, 7, 8 and 9 have all recently sent in floods of stories to be judged in the 2015 Puffin Short Story Competition. This competition – a collaboration between BGS and Puffin (the publishing house being founded by Allen Lane, one of the School’s most famous pupils) – has been running for over 10 years. Entrants were asked to write a story with a title of their choice, but the catch was they had to fit it all onto a postcard! A whole story, of exactly 100 words, had to fit onto the back of a Penguin postcard. 15 lucky stories were shortlisted, more than usual, and the English department had a very tough time choosing even them.

There was a huge variety in the entries, from the eerie ‘Church Pianist,’ to the quirks of ‘The Bell Creature,’ and, after reading a hundred words, you are often left wanting to read more! It’s also great that the Junior School is now also given the opportunity to participate in the competition. Whereas two years ago the competition was only available to years 7 and 8, it has expanded in a wave of roaring popularity, receiving hundreds of entries from four year groups.

Two weeks after half term, on the 18th of June, all the judging will be complete, and a ceremony will be held to award the winning entrants. The winner will receive a whole £125 in book tokens to spend on Puffin/Penguin books of their choosing. The two runners-up will receive generous book tokens as well.  Joe Berger will give out the prizes and will be present at the Reception to talk with the winners and their parents.

Berger has been a professional illustrator for decades and works as an illustrator for Puffin, and so has a lot of experience with children’s books. We welcome him as well as Tracey Corderoy to our school, where they will present talks to the Infant School after the Puffin Reception. The two of them have collaborated on the ‘Hubble Bubble’ series. Both will hold an interactive storytelling session for the lower years, filled with props, crafts and drawings. Tracey Corderoy’s later session will even include some T-Shirt making with Reception and Year 1! It promises to be a magical day!