Ed Davey – daredevil journalist and thriller writer delivers the Monday lecture

On Monday 1st February, investigative journalist and new author Ed Davey joined us to talk to the Upper Sixth for their Monday lecture. After years of poking into the illegal undertakings of London for the Islington Gazette and the BBC, Ed’s debut novel Foretold by Thunder takes journalist Jake close to the Etruscan civilisation, where bolts of lightning were used to tell the future.

Ed’s talk gave a fascinating insight to the workings of an investigative journalist and really brought out the passion he holds for his job and his writing. While he encouraged a dedication to writing he did warn that it was perhaps not the best profession to go into if you “like sleep or money”. We particularly enjoyed Ed’s use of vivid anecdotes, including running a story despite the police ‘bricking it’ and also sitting on a fence at 2 a.m. to investigate allegations of illegal housing in a councillor’s back garden.