Flavia Albia, inter alia

Life of the common people in 1st century Rome is Lindsey Davis’s forte. Bringing these characters to the fore within the backdrop of a detective narrative in Imperial Rome is what makes her books so distinctive. Her female characters are especially important: memorable, forthright and key to each plot.

In the course of her talk on 13 October in the BGS Great Hall, Lindsey focused specifically, but not exclusively, on the three Flavia Albia novels and gave us a whiff of what is to come in the fourth.

Questions from an enrapt audience revealed the extent of their knowledge of Lindsey’s books and a genuine interest in what she had to say. “What differences,” one student asked,“did you find when writing about life under Domitian rather than Vespasian?”

Every question fired, was answered, as you might expect, with aplomb!