14 September
Frances Kay
Début author
27 September
Brit Granstrom & Mick Manning
Children’s author
& illustrator
3 October
Michael Morpurgo
Erstwhile Children’s Laureate
6 October
Michael Wood
17 November
Michelle Paver
Children’s author
18 November
Kids’ Lit Quiz
Year 7 & 8 Honours Students
30 November
The Etherington Brothers
Graphic novelists
17 January
Cathy Hopkins
Children’s author
24 January
Bali Rai
25 January
The Etherington Brothers
Graphic novelists
16 February
Rob Young
Author & music critic
11 May
Biggest One-day
Second-hand Good-quality Book Sale Ever
Twelve-hour event for School & public, fundraiser for New Zealand travel costs
17 May
Henry Olonga
Singer, former Zimbabwean cricketer
& writer
24 May
Chris Bradford
Children’s author
28 June
Steven Butler
New children’s author