Junior School Review of Shane Hegarty

On 1 October 2015 BGS Junior School was lucky enough to have a visit from author Shane Hegarty, the man behind the amazing Darkmouth, Worlds Explode, and Chaos Descends. He came to talk to Years 5 and 6, and made us all cry with laughter. He talked about how he loved writing, and how he’d wanted to be a writer from the age of seven.

I think our entire group was impressed, inspired and entertained. Being Irish, Shane Hegarty used his strong accent to advantage, and made everyone laugh and laugh. He used to be a journalist with The Irish Times, and talked about how he managed, and how he didn’t really love it. There were lots of questions, which he answered confidently: some of them were pretty tough!

Shane Hegarty’s books are published by Harper Collins, and he showed us different covers: German, English, and lots of others. My particular favourite was the German, a glow-in-the-dark scene with lots of signs, ‘Keep Out’, ‘Beware’ and so on.

Book Committee members were really lucky, and got to sit with him at lunch, when he explained about how Darkmouth was being made into a movie. It was fascinating to listen to! This is when I got to ask my own question: his answer was brilliant.

He talked more about his books, and said that his first Darkmouth book was actually his third novel, and he’d already written two history books on Ireland! Finally he signed our books, and we said goodbye to him and thanked him for such a wonderful visit.

I’m sure everyone who listened would agree that he’s probably one of the funniest and chattiest people you could ever meet. I hope everyone enjoyed his visit to BGS it as much as I did.

Amelia and Tashi