Steve Cole: the Young James Bond author with license to thrill!

Steve Cole bounced onto the stage and, in an energetic performance, entertained the 300 plus audience comprising four visiting Year 6 classes from local primary schools, the whole of BGS Year 7 and the BGS Year 6 Book Committee. He wowed us with wide-ranging information arising from his research into the creation of the Young James Bond character growing up as a teenager in the 1930’s.

‘Amazing – the author was so funny and really creative’         Daisy

‘A great experience’        Will

‘It was fantastic!’    Euan

commented three enthusiastic children from one of our visiting local primary schools.

And from another:

‘Meeting Steve Cole was really exciting for me. It encouraged me to write a lot, be creative and think out of the box.  He encouraged everyone to express themselves in writing and told us that research can be anything you like, even playing video games! In short, he was everything that I want to be and he inspired me to have fun with writing and literature. ‘   Oscar

Meeting an author inspired me to add humour in my writing. It also reminded me that you can rewrite an old book and add more to it. Another interesting fact I learnt was how much research you need to write a book. I would like to learn more about authors and write more books like Steve Cole’s books.     Scarlett