Matt Dickinson Visit

On the 30th October Year 7 students were treated to an enthralling talk by Matt Dickinson, an adventurer, documentary film-maker and author.  He has worked extensively for National Geographic Television, the Discovery Channel and the BBC and is one of the very few film-makers to have filmed on the summit of Mount Everest.  He was visiting to talk about his latest series The Everest Files, which is focuses on a teenager called Ryan who becomes drawn towards Mount Everest during his gap year in Nepal. What follows leads him into a fatal storm and intrigue.

Having climbed Mount Everest several times, Matt was able to show the students photographs and film footage that he had taken first hand on the mountain. He discussed the dangers that can arise whilst climbing mountains and how he turned his own experiences into a story. For the rest of the visit he ran writing workshops showing explaining how he writes his books and how students can improve their writing by focusing on the details.

Over the course of the talk the students learnt many interesting facts. These ranged from the scientific (your blood thickens to cope with the lack of oxygen as you climb up a mountain) to the sociological (you can encounter thieves and squatters even on the slopes of Mount Everest)!  At the end of the visit many of Year 7 could not wait to begin to plan their own grand adventures.

This was Miss Frude’s first event as Literary Events Coordinator.