Paul Stickland Visit 9th June

On Friday 9th June the author and illustrator Paul Stickland came to visit BGS Infants to talk about his book Dinosaur Roar. Paul has worked with the Natural History museum and was the perfect author to visit the Infant School whilst they were studying dinosaurs. The day was split into workshops with each year group. Each year group got a slightly different workshop with readings and activities that would suit them.

The day started with a visit to Year One where the students read through the book and discussed how many claws a Tyrannosaurus Rex has, whether dinosaurs had feathers, and how scientists figure out what colour dinosaurs were. The class was particularly vocal about what they would do if they ever came across a dinosaur. Most of us agreed that the sensible thing would be to run away, however, there were a couple of pupils who would either try and befriend the dinosaur or fight it! Year One had a lot of fun when they helped Paul to design and draw a new dinosaur. This dinosaur was particularly impressive with its sunglasses and brightly coloured spots.

Paul Stickland drawing a dinosaur with the assistance of Year One


Year Two were treated to a behind the scenes look at how books are made. Paul discussed how he came up with his ideas and the processes that he uses when he illustrates books. It was really interesting to hear how books are translated into other languages. Did you know that Dinosaur Roar is translated into Dinosaur Whisper in German!  He spoke about the research he did about dinosaurs. Year Two were shocked to find out that chickens are the closest thing that we have to dinosaurs. This featured a quick detour away from the book to look at the chickens that Year Two have been looking after. I was very excited about meeting the chickens! Now that I know they are related to dinosaurs I will be a lot more wary of them. Year Two were also treated to a pop-up masterclass and were taught how to make pop-up dinosaur heads. This was a lot of fun and Year Two were full of ideas on how to make to most impressive (or scariest) dinosaur.

After lunch Paul visited Reception who had a lot of interesting questions about dinosaurs. They asked about how dinosaurs became extinct, what the biggest dinosaurs ate, and whether there were dinosaurs that could fly. They also had lots of questions about how books are made and what it is like to be an author and illustrator. He also talked to the class about fossil hunting. This was fascinating as many of the pupils had found some on trips to Dorset or seen some in the museum.

The visit to the Infant School was insightful for the pupils as they learnt a lot about dinosaurs and what it is like to be an author. The pupils showed off their knowledge about dinosaurs which greatly impressed Paul Stickland. It was a very fun visit and I hopefully we’ll be able to bring Paul back one day to visit more students.  At the end of the visit many of the pupils were inspired to learn more about dinosaurs and be more creative.