Puffin Winners, Sarah Lean and Farewell, Ben

Thursday 18 June saw the 2015 Puffin prize winners collecting their awards from Joe Berger and reading their 100-word mini sagas aloud in a special Assembly created for the occasion. Click here to find out more, courtesy of the BGS English Blog. Congratulations to all the winners of this prestigious competition!

Following on from the successful visit of Tracey Corderoy and Joe Berger (click here to see our review), our final event of the term is with the wonderful author Sarah Lean who is coming to talk to BGS Years 3, 4 and 5 in their Heroes project week.

Hero, one of her many books, is particularly apt for the week’s theme! Says Sarah to the children who will be at the event tomorrow:

Animal Heroes

All animal stories start somewhere…

Which animals in history performed amazing brave feats?

Which stray animal gave support to a girl bullied at school?

And can you tell by looking at two different dogs, which one will lie down in front of a scooter to ask for a lift home?

Prepare to share your experience of your own heroic and amusing pets to see how they could evolve into stories too.

Finally, BGS is sad to say ‘goodbye’ to Head of BGS Infants, Ben Whitehead, a stalwart supporter of author visits throughout his time here. Summing up the impact Literary Events has had on the pupils in his care over the past five years Ben says:

An early memory for me, on joining BGS was sitting in the Franks Room, having lunch with Children’s Laureate, Anthony Browne. I remember feeling lucky to have been given the chance to meet him, and loved hearing about how he formulated his ideas for his stories and illustrations. Following on from that there has been a number of author visits; crucially, their passion has inspired our pupils to become the next generation of writers and illustrators: Nicholas Allan, John Dougherty and Rosie Flo to name but a few have all passed on their enthusiasm and love for reading and writing to the children.

Thank you to Lucy Shepherd who has done such a fantastic job of organising these visits.