Spellbinding Tales – Tracey and Joe’s double act

It all started for award-winning children’s author Tracey Corderoy when she was a little girl, and truly feared that the wrinkly old lady with a wart on her nose who sat on her rocking chair and watched her through the window was really a nasty, wicked witch.

Now, some years on, Tracey has written a series of books sparked by that memory, about a little girl called Pandora whose granny is a witch – a rather nice one. Some of their adventures were vividly brought to life in BGS Infants, with the help of illustrator Joe Berger.

Both Year 2 classes listened spellbound as Tracey read two of her books – Hubble Bubble Granny Trouble and Spells-a-Popping, Granny’s Shopping – including tales of frog-poop soup, a broomstick instead of a car, and bats for pets.

Joe explained how the drawings of Granny were based on his own rather stylish grandmother, and how, after several weeks of preliminary sketches, it takes him about a day to complete each of the twelve final versions of each double-page illustration. (does this really mean what it says, that there are twelve versions of each spread? How about ‘ … to complete the final versions of the twelve double-page illustrations.’?)

After Joe sketched Tracey, and then turned her into a witch with his pen, the children drew some pictures of themselves; they also made mini-cauldrons and magic frogs to take home.

Tracey, who has had more than forty-five books published, then headed off with Joe to weave her magic with the Year 1 and Reception classes.

Tracey read No!, the very entertaining tale of a rhino toddler who discovers that word, and then can’t stop saying it. The children drew and designed their own tee-shirts for him.

Ben Whitehead, Head of Infants, said: “Tracey and Joe were fantastic with the children, and brought the books to life in a truly compelling and inspiring way.”

Lizzie Peck, BGS Infant School Teaching Assistant