Year 6 Book Club Review: Magus Chase and the Ship of the Dead

Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead Review

What I thought:

I would rate this book 5 stars it pulled me in and was action packed, you also learned a lot about the characters past and how they had ended up in Valhalla (Paradise for dead warriors in the service of Odin). I really enjoyed the characterisation particularly of the character Magnus Chase. I thought the plot was intricate yet never ceased to disappoint me with an unexpected twist around every turn. I enjoyed the setting in The Nine Realms and I felt it set the scene really nicely for that part of the story.

What happens in the book?

Magnus chase goes on a quest to stop Nagflar , Loki’s boat, which is armed with giants and other beasts. The story is about Magnus’s quest with his friends (Alex, Hearth, Blitz, Halfborn, Mallory and TJ). He must stop Loki by finding Kvasairs mead so powerful that it can even defeat Loki in a flighting (competition of insults). We follow Magnus as he travels between the Nine Realms. It is action packed and enticing.

Who would I recommend it to?

If you are a fan of Norse  mythology or like mystery/adventure books you will love this. Even if you know nothing about Norse mythology there is a glossary and pronunciation guide at the back. This is his third book in this series the first is Magnus Chase and the sword of Summer, the second is Magnus Chase and the Hammer Of Thor. This is his last book in the Magnus Chase trilogy. Rick Riordan is a fantastic writer who specialises in putting a modern twist onto classic Greek, Norse and Egyptian mythology in a way that can be understood easily by children.

This review has been written by JS who is a member of the Year 6 Book Club.